Sneak(er) Preview

“Just For Kicks” is the first documentary film featuring an overview of the sneaker phenomena through interv

iews of world-renown collectors, Hip-Hop pioneers, industry players, rap stars, journalists, brand marketers and other sneaker addicts.

In the film, shot in New York, Paris, London, Portland and Los Angeles, insider personalities such as Bobbito Garc

ia, Rock Steady Crew’s Doze Green, Grandmaster Caz & JDL (Cold Crush Brothers), Rev. Run, DMC & Russell Simmons, Scoop Jackson, Futura 2000, Fab 5 Freddy, Bonz Malone, Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon, Damon Dash and more share their passion and their perspectives on how and why sneakers have evolved into one of the key elements of style of the MTV generation.

Far from a formal history of the sneaker industry, the story offers a fun and colorful insiders’ view of this phenomenon, narrowing down on the last 30 years during which Hip Hop became the dominant youth culture worldwide, a fact widely viewed as one of the key elements in the uprising of sneaker culture.

Analyzing this global phenomenon, the film is the first of its kind to present the underlying drivers and players that fueled the global sneakers revolution…. and its $26 Billion global market.

READ full synopsis here

Watched “Just for Kicks” today , a feature length movie on the sneaker culture being screened as a part of RESFEST 2005 in Bristol. Quite entertaining and well made, even if you’re not particularly into HipHop et al.


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