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The early bird catches the bandwidth

Webmontag Köln aus der zu spät zugeschalteten Perspektive (Flickr)

Originally uploaded by halfman.halfpixel.


What’s Design Mean to You? Interview with Andy Budd by Matt Balara

Matt Balara has asked some of the “top faces” in webdesign to come up with clever answers to the question “What’s design mean to you?”

Below please find what Andy Budd has to say – I find it remarkable and somewhat re-assuring that he is stressing design to be first and foremost about problem solving which is exactly what was rammed down my throat during my degree and emphasized in Bob Gill’s lecture in Leeds quite some time ago.

Twitter in Plain English

Got no time to explain the virtues of twittering to friends and family?
Just get them gathered around your screen, show them the video below and go make yourself a nice cup of tea.
(Don’t forget to leave a tweet about the milkiness and amount of sugar)

I love the simple approach and design elements from Usability prototyping used here and across all the other videos by the good folks at Common Craft

DimP – A Direct Manipulation Video Player

Clever stuff, sure there will be some stunning videos published using this video player.

Found at:

Heavy Metal in Baghdad

While it’s a long time now (ca. 15 years to be precise) since I wore Slayer T-Shirts to school, sported quite an impressive bunch of long, curly hair and felt really rebellious doing so – what must these guys go through? Looks like a movie worth checking out.

Awesome typographic animation

Flush Design

Great Aardman test clip for “Flushed Away”. To hit German cinemas on December 7th.