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Designing the User Experience Curve

Great presentation held at the web directions south conference by Andy Budd. Many of his thoughts have already crossed my mind before, too.
Best open the podcast of the talk here while flicking through the presentation in full screen on slideshare:
The whole notion of looking at best practices off the web is something I try to subscribe to myself and am actually aiming to compile good/bad examples from life outside the web on here in the future.

Food for thought

“Is it time to take mashups and use them to solve real issues?” asks Christian Heilmann on his blog today and imho hits the nail on the head more than once:

Far too many people just create mashups for the sake of putting some information together or prove a technical concept but I just couldn’t see the use of what was produced

I was also bored with the accessibility movement on the web. Instead of concentrating on solutions for people we ran in circles demanding technical solutions or implementation of standards that don’t make much sense in the real world. It was much more important to be compliant with something than to really deliver for the people who needed us to remove barriers for them.

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Glimpse at the proposed new OLPC

A first glimpse at the proposed new touchscreen based OLPC (One Laptop per Child) looks quite impressive.

Follow the link to this article on Laptopmag to check it for yourself, a short video demo is also included.

I’d love to see the OLPC project succeed after is has been dubbed dead already.

Kid using the new OLPC

DimP – A Direct Manipulation Video Player

Clever stuff, sure there will be some stunning videos published using this video player.

Found at:

Très jolie!

Fell in love with the new Rugged cover artwork and ordered a print ( Limited edition of 100. Signed and numbered) directly from the artist Sunny Buick via her online shop on Etsy.
The unappreciated Gift by Sunny Buick

One not to miss! Singularity online web conference

Singularity Web Conference badge

If this conference will really be as affordable as announced, I will surely be blocking October 24th-26th to attend online. Below just some snippets what Singularity is all about:

Singularity is the first large-scale online web conference in the world.

Singularity is over 100 of the world’s top web visionaries, developers, designers, thought leaders, and celebrities.

Singularity is three days of talks over multiple tracks.

Singularity is everywhere on October 24-26, 2008. Continue reading

On the decks: MC Basset


While checking Tak’s blog (agency from Birmingham I mentioned previously on here) I came across this awesome Swedish website showing how to use Flash effectively for certain tasks pure standards just couldn’t achieve.

At long last I have also got a phonetic explanation of the word “Poff” although “Flas” is my favourite…