Twitter error messages

Downtime/Being over capacity seems to be an ongoing real issue for Twitter which can be quite annoying.
At least they have the decency of providing pretty illustrations with their error messages…


Accessibility done right

Following the positive news today that the UK and other nations intend to ban cluster bombs I checked out the website of the Cluster Muntions Coalition to get some more background information on this topic.

What caught my attention right away was the neat design/layout of the website and it soon became clear it is made by kite.

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Glimpse at the proposed new OLPC

A first glimpse at the proposed new touchscreen based OLPC (One Laptop per Child) looks quite impressive.

Follow the link to this article on Laptopmag to check it for yourself, a short video demo is also included.

I’d love to see the OLPC project succeed after is has been dubbed dead already.

Kid using the new OLPC

Twitter in Plain English

Got no time to explain the virtues of twittering to friends and family?
Just get them gathered around your screen, show them the video below and go make yourself a nice cup of tea.
(Don’t forget to leave a tweet about the milkiness and amount of sugar)

I love the simple approach and design elements from Usability prototyping used here and across all the other videos by the good folks at Common Craft

DimP – A Direct Manipulation Video Player

Clever stuff, sure there will be some stunning videos published using this video player.

Found at:

Très jolie!

Fell in love with the new Rugged cover artwork and ordered a print ( Limited edition of 100. Signed and numbered) directly from the artist Sunny Buick via her online shop on Etsy.
The unappreciated Gift by Sunny Buick

King Monkey does Cologne

Thanks to the flickering genius that is Jens I managed to get on to the guest list for Ian Brown‘s gig in Cologne on May 12th. Not for nowt of course, I wrote an article about the show for the Intro mag’s online edition.

Read my article here if your command of the German language allows you to.

In a nutshell the proclaimed godlike genius put on a good show incl. 3 Stone Roses classics (sending a slight shiver down my spine, particularly I wanna be adored ) in a superb venue.

It was over in under 90 minutes but King Monkey seemed to enjoy himself and his voice wasn’t as shaky as one might have feared.

Photo below copyright of Jens Buschenhenke
Ian Brown live in Cologne