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The early bird catches the bandwidth

Webmontag Köln aus der zu spät zugeschalteten Perspektive (Flickr)

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King Monkey does Cologne

Thanks to the flickering genius that is Jens I managed to get on to the guest list for Ian Brown‘s gig in Cologne on May 12th. Not for nowt of course, I wrote an article about the show for the Intro mag’s online edition.

Read my article here if your command of the German language allows you to.

In a nutshell the proclaimed godlike genius put on a good show incl. 3 Stone Roses classics (sending a slight shiver down my spine, particularly I wanna be adored ) in a superb venue.

It was over in under 90 minutes but King Monkey seemed to enjoy himself and his voice wasn’t as shaky as one might have feared.

Photo below copyright of Jens Buschenhenke
Ian Brown live in Cologne

It takes 3 baby

If you are in trouble and no-on else can help:

It takes 3 baby, originally uploaded by halfman.halfpixel.

Snapshots: Poster in Köln-Ehrenfeld

Snapshots: Poster in Köln-Ehrenfeld, originally uploaded by halfman.halfpixel.


Streetart: Cologne (Agnesviertel)

Taken while wondering through Cologne one fine day in June

Streetart: Cologne (Agnesviertel), originally uploaded by halfman.halfpixel.

My temple

You cannot beat this place for tasty, reasonably priced raw fish (weekdays between 12:00 and 14:30). Top quality in an unpretentious surrounding.When I’m in town on a Saturday you’ll almost certainly meet me here…

My temple, originally uploaded by halfman.halfpixel.

Cologne Condom-Taxi

Spotted in Cologne/Germany.