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Yes is the new No

Whilst preparing for my upcoming trip to God’s Own County I was curious to see if Hull Paragon station caters for the needs of the left luggage community. On checking this out via the National Rail website I came across this rather confusing iconography:

Hull Paragon Station Websit. Confusing Iconography.

I’ll take that as a “No” then, shall I? (reminds me of this inspiring piece of apparel: YEAH BUT NO Apron)


It’s never dull in Hull…

Re: my recent post

Just to get one thing straight, I think Hull is an OK place to live with “salt of the earth” people.

And I disagreed strongly when some student halfwit voted it Britain’s crappiest town, I am sure there are plenty of other places far worse and more boring than ‘ull in this green and pleasant land.

As a pretty white, working-class town with plenty of social problems it’s an easy target to slag off, particularly by people who have never been…

All I’m saying it is also very limited, not least due to it’s location off the beaten track. In this context I don’t feel errecting a massive £600.000 screen in the city centre or the settlement of another Multinational Corporation does it any favours regarding cultural diversity or whatever buzzword you wish to use.

Nothing’s gonna stop us now

Wow, we’re playing with the big boys now. In the Council’s (pathetic) bid to become a top 10 UK city it has reached another milestone: a Starbucks is being built within the Golden Triangle of Mc Donald’s, Subway and Burger King.

Congratulations Hull! Another clone town in the making.

Hull impressions

Above: Graffs gracing the walls of the legendary Adelphi

Below: Spotted on Princes Avenue