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Food for thought

“Is it time to take mashups and use them to solve real issues?” asks Christian Heilmann on his blog today and imho hits the nail on the head more than once:

Far too many people just create mashups for the sake of putting some information together or prove a technical concept but I just couldn’t see the use of what was produced

I was also bored with the accessibility movement on the web. Instead of concentrating on solutions for people we ran in circles demanding technical solutions or implementation of standards that don’t make much sense in the real world. It was much more important to be compliant with something than to really deliver for the people who needed us to remove barriers for them.

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Bad, bad usability!

Contrary to popular belief usability presentations don’t have to be repititive Nielsen mantras.

The presentation below by  Jorge Martin of Digitas London proves my point and is a great example for a well designed and fun approach by showing what not to do.

Selling Usability

Straight to the point 4-slide overview of different interests between different shareholders. Totally seconds my experience when trying to sell Usability in a large corporation.
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