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Yes is the new No

Whilst preparing for my upcoming trip to God’s Own County I was curious to see if Hull Paragon station caters for the needs of the left luggage community. On checking this out via the National Rail website I came across this rather confusing iconography:

Hull Paragon Station Websit. Confusing Iconography.

I’ll take that as a “No” then, shall I? (reminds me of this inspiring piece of apparel: YEAH BUT NO Apron)


10 Best Application UIs of 2008 announced on useit

The winners of the above mentioned competition were announced on Jakob Nielsen’s website today.

Being used to some terrible user interfaces from work I found most of the winners really well designed, with a contemporary feel & clever concept to them.

What usability sifu Nielsen did not include are the direct URLs for the winners (as he for some reason tends not to do quite often- except for links to his reports which you have to pay for that is…)

Ah well, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it… So here goes, as far as I am concerned in no particular order other than alphabetical:

Campaign Monitor



Océ PRISMAprepare

SQL Diagnostic Manager

SugarSync (My personal favourite)




Actually that’s a top 9, I didn’t list the Magellan Network’s Seating Management up there as I found their website rather disappointing and not very informative.

Designing the User Experience Curve

Great presentation held at the web directions south conference by Andy Budd. Many of his thoughts have already crossed my mind before, too.
Best open the podcast of the talk here while flicking through the presentation in full screen on slideshare:
The whole notion of looking at best practices off the web is something I try to subscribe to myself and am actually aiming to compile good/bad examples from life outside the web on here in the future.

Twitter in Plain English

Got no time to explain the virtues of twittering to friends and family?
Just get them gathered around your screen, show them the video below and go make yourself a nice cup of tea.
(Don’t forget to leave a tweet about the milkiness and amount of sugar)

I love the simple approach and design elements from Usability prototyping used here and across all the other videos by the good folks at Common Craft

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Jakob Nielsen – 25 years in usability

Love him or loath him, hats off to the daddy of usability for doing an inspiring job for 25 years now.
Read Nielsen’s retrospective on useit.com.

Jakob Nielsen Wallpaper from NGen

Above: Jakob Nielsen wallpaper from Happy Webbies

Bad, bad usability!

Contrary to popular belief usability presentations don’t have to be repititive Nielsen mantras.

The presentation below by  Jorge Martin of Digitas London proves my point and is a great example for a well designed and fun approach by showing what not to do.